In The Name Of GOD

As you know we are deciding to carry on a tournament consists of several teams, that previous periods of it was only for Persian teams with restriction of using foreign players (maximum of 2 foreign players for each team ) .for increasing the quality of the tournament and friendship between different countries players in NetGammon this time the tournament is open for foreign teams.

Like all other tournaments in any place , this tournament have it's own laws , that each teams or players who want to participate in it must respect to it and are bound by it .

Now i want to explain these laws:


1. In this period of tournament each team consists of 8 players (6 main players, 2 substitute players). Each match is 7 point with Crawford rule that will be play in NetGammon, Lafayette server (each team will play one match with all other teams.)


2. Teams are free to use provincial or foreign players.


3. The tournament will be hold like this:

The Captain of each team must send his/her team's arrangement till 8:30 GMT of the match day, to the management of the tournament. If a captain don't send his/her teams arrangement, the management will use their previous round's arrangement.


note 1: about submissions arrangement : 6 first players are main and 2 others are substitute players , main and substitute players are not main or substitute for the whole tournament time , it depends to team's captain's decision to select main and substitute players for each round .


Note 2: In the event of any problems or absence of main players, according to the order number and coordination of team's captain with the opposing team's captain, substitute player will play instead of absent player. (The first present substitute instead of first absent main player and second present substitute instead second absent main player).


Note 3: In the absence of main players and substitution of substitute players, the main player is not allowed to be present in NetGammon, if be observed, he/she will be deprive from the first next round.


Note 4: captain must send their arrangement via mail to Roohollah_amiri.andy@yahoo.com, with this format:



Subject: "Team's name" arrangement for round X of Golden Dice league.

For example: Caspian's arrangement for round 6 of Golden Dice league. Mail body:

List of your team's name for that specific round, for example :

Player A

Player B

Player C

Player D

Player E

Player F

Player G

Player H



4. Points of the matches:

After a match with a team, team's players win will be calculated as positive points, and loses as negative points. for example for a team , 4 players win and 2 lose  , that team's result is 2 - 4 lose with -2 difference . or for a team 3 players win and 3 others lose , the team's result is 3 - 3 draw .

teams with a win will got 3 points , draw 1.5 points , and a lose with 6 players ( don't have absent ) will got 0.5 point in leagues table .


5. Matches will be held in 2 days of the week (each day one round of the league) at 19 GMT. It may change to 3 day a week, and another time except 19 GMT. The exact day and time of the tournament will be informed to all, after a poll of captains.

Note 1: each player is allowed to have delay for 10 minutes.

Note 2: team's captains for players coordination are allowed to have delay for 15 minutes, and league management are allowed to have 20 minutes delay.

Note 3: After start of a match between to players, there is no possibility to substitute players, and in the event of exceeded allowed delay time of a player or a captain (10 minutes for players and 15 minutes for captains), the opposing captain is bound to inform opponent's captain and the management about that delay, this delay will cause a 7 - 0 lose for the delayed player.


6. Allowed time to finish a match is 100 minute, and players are bound to finish their matches in this time.


note 1 : because of network problem or outage , each player is allowed to leave the match for 3 times , and after a leave , the player whom opponent has left the server is bound to inform his/her captain , and the captain is bound to inform opponent's captain and management . If leaving the server more than 3 times for a player is obtained, he/she will lose the match 7 - 0.


note 2 : In each time leaving of server , the player is allowed to return in 15 minutes , and after a leave , the player whom opponent has left the server is bound to inform his/her captain , and the captain is bound to inform opponent's captain and management . Benchmark pool is the time that team's captain inform the management. If leaving time takes more than 15 minutes, left player will lose the match 7 - 0.


7. In absent of a player or exceeded delay time, he / she will lose 7 - 0.


8. At the end of the league, if two teams are draw in points, the following criterion will be use for define the higher team.

1. The team which have better difference

2. The team which win the face game

3. The team which has the lowest absent


9. No teams are allowed to secede the tournament after the beginning of the matches. If a captain secedes, other players can choose a captain of themselves and continue the tournament, If all players of a team secede, that team is not allowed to register our other tournaments and the previous matches of that team in current tournament will be worthless and will change to 0 - 6 lose. And a 0 - 6 lose for all remaining rounds will be considered.


10. In interfere of team's players in other matches or other problems. Captain is bound to inform the management as soon as possible. if violation obtained , the trespassing player will be deprive up to 5 rounds of the tournament matches , and in case of moral problems , the trespassing player will be denied of whole the tournament matches .


11. Teams are allowed to add a player to their arrangement, or substitute some of their 8 players with someone else till the end of 5th round , after the 5th round teams cannot add new players to their team or change players . If a player leave a team, he / she is not allowed to play for other teams until have an agreement of previous team.


12. Except captains , other players are not allowed to chat with the management ,for the first time the trespassing player will be deprive of the first next round , and for next times deprive of 3 rounds .


13. Each player can kick out any viewer he/she want. Of course no viewer is allowed to chat the way that players can see it. So they must check the "no chat to players" box.


14. Captains are bound to mail their teams result at the end of their 6 matches in a round to roohollah_amiri.andy@yahoo.com containing teams names, and the result of all 6 matches, and the final result (wins added, loses added)


This tournament will start at 5th April 2011, and some notes may be added to the laws above, if happened you will be informed as soon as possible.

You will be informed of rounds schedules after the completion of tournament registration.



Management of Golden Dice tournament

Amir Eshraghi = Amirsnooker

Roohollah Amiri Andy = Vorojak

Naazaanin = Naazaanin